Menopause Remedies

Menopause arrives at the door of most women’s lives between 40 and 55 years of age. It may knock softly at first, so you barely realize it is there, or it may knock down the door like an unexpected intruder. Menopause has many identifiable symptoms, but here is a summary of the most common. Whatever other symptoms you have, several or all of these will likely be present.

Hot flashes are the hallmark characteristic of menopause. Everyone gets a hot rush now and then, for reasons ranging from a healthy workout to an embarrassing moment. But when a woman begins to experience intense, unmistakable hot flashes consistently, she is likely experiencing the classic symptom of menopause. Along with the daytime hot flashes, Night Sweats are another common symptom of menopause.

A symptom that is more subtle, but often one that precedes hot flashes, is the development of irregular periods. When menopause is arriving, periods tend to become less frequent and less intense. For most, this is gradual, with a missed or light period signaling the coming change.

Mood swings are a characteristic which women often joke about, but they are a very real signal that menopause has begun, especially if they occur in combination with other known symptoms. Feeling intense emotions, especially sudden sadness, sentimentality, or anger, without an obvious trigger, should be viewed as possible symptoms of menopause.

Vaginal dryness usually accompanies the onset of menopause, and is a sure sign that your body is going through significant change. A lack of the wetness that normally accompanies ovulation and general dryness are symptoms to keep an eye on.

A significant loss of sex drive, or libido, when accompanied by other sure signs of menopause, is usually a reliable symptom of menopause’s onset. When two or more of these primary symptoms are present, watch for sleep disturbances, thinning hair, changes in appetite, and a loss of breast fullness as additional symptoms.

If it isn't bad enough to be going through menopause, it trys to show the world what we are going through by encouraging weight gain. We can fight back against weight gain if we know about the hormone changes and other effects of menopause.

These symptoms of menopause may all produce some discomfort for any women. The good news is that today many of them can be greatly alleviated through the use of natural menopause remedies like soy that are bringing relief to women all over the world, without the use of harsh and harmful drugs.

We also provide herbal menopause remedy suggestions for incontinence and brain fog and other menopause symptoms.

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