Coping with Hot Flashes and Menopause

CC BY-NC-ND by PunkJr

If it has happened to you, you’ll never forget it. One minute you are cool and comfortable, then suddenly you feel like you’re on fire, with burning sensations throughout your body and the intense urge to jump into a pool of ice water. Some women describe it as if they opened a hot oven door and stuck their head inside. Perhaps you always wanted to be "smoking hot" but not like this! Your description may change a bit, but the cause is the same – you’re experiencing a hot flash caused by the changing chemistry of your body during menopause. How do you cope, other than the ice water bath?

For decades, women have opted for hormone replacement therapy as the answer to hot flashes. Now, most women are looking for alternative means to reduce these symptoms, as the bad news about hormone replacement therapy is making headlines. There are many

First, layer your wardrobe. Even outdoors in a northern winter, opt for a layered approach rather than a heavy winter coat over a thin cotton short-sleeve shirt. When hot flashes hit, resist the urge to strip to your skivvies, and calmly remove one or two layers while looking for a place to cool off.

Secondly, focus on slowing down your breathing through taking deep breaths of, preferably, clean fresh air, with the goal of consciously relaxing. Your body is experiencing a chemical/hormonal reaction. You can slow its pace and mitigate it by slowing down your whole system in this way.

Thirdly, opt for aroma therapy. Taking in smells that bring peaceful feelings of well-being cause chemical reactions within that counteract the chemical processes of a hot flash and reduce their intensity.

Next, keep up your exercise routine. Exercise makes you warm, but will help delay or reduce the intensity of hot flashes. Exercise causes the body to release a number of chemical that make you feel great, and are proven to reduce the number and duration of hot flashes.

Finally, explore some of the promising new natural therapies for alleviating the intensity and frequency of hot flashes. These remedies support your body’s natural responses to menopause as well as increase overall physical well being.

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