Hormones and Bodyfat Video

If you have stubborn bodyfat like I did, that just does not want to budge, you will find this YouTube video helpful. I recommend watching this short video interview with Dr. Hotze on a Texas news show. Dr. Hotze is the founder of Hotze wellness Center.

It's only 6 minutes long and covers the connection between your "hormones" and bodyfat. From the video "Do you eat right and work out, but still gain weight? Do you suffer from fatigue, hair loss, poor sleep or depressed moods? All of these can be caused by hormonal imbalance or deficiencies. You do not need antidepressants or sleep medications - there is a natural solution!"

Not only bodyfat... Your sexual-drive, your energy, your mood, and of course issues like menopause, andropause (male menopause) and more.

Give it a look...Just by taking some of Dr. Hotze's advice (natural, without harmful drugs) you can kick-start your hormonal system back into overdrive.

That's the best way to end stubborn body fat and reboot your drive at the same time.

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