MellowPause Review

MellowPauseMellowPause offers a safe, all natural alternative to treating the symptoms that come with the hormone changes associated with becoming of a certain age such as the constant hot flashes, mood swings, lack of energy and horrific night sweats that make a woman feel rather helpless. Women going through menopause dread the thought of having to undergo hormone replacement treatment (HRT) due to the costs and the harmful side effects that they can have. This herbal product is a side effect free way to put hormones back in balance so a woman can live life each day without interruption.

Hormone replacement treatment is becoming less and less frequent of a treatment as the associated risks of heart disease, breast cancer and others have made many women reluctant to go with that option. The main effective ingredients in MellowPause are Black Cohosh and Posque Flower, both of which are natural herbs and are highly known to treat menopausal symptoms due to the presence of plant estrogen's within them. MellowPause comes in a liquid form rather than in pills, making swallowing the dose no trouble and the taste can easily be mask by the mixing liquid agent such as water, iced tea or fruit juices. It is recommended that one take 10 to 15 drops with a non- alcoholic beverage three times a day, making a single bottle last as long as a whole month.

Numerous customers have claimed that MellowPause relieved them of their hot flashes and night sweat, or made them far less frequent, enabling them to sleep through the night with ease. This remedy has also been noted to be an effective agent in balancing a woman’s mood swings and putting her in a calmer state of mind. It is less effective on other symptoms such as lack of energy and low sex drive, but overall it is a very effective and efficient product. There have not been accounts of side effects such as weight gain, making it a product that has only benefits to offer. The fact that it is in liquid form and made of all natural herbs makes MellowPause extremely appealing to those going through the menopausal stage of life as opposed to large pills or painful injections. It is also a very cost efficient treatment considering how long one bottle can last. MellowPuase is a safe, easy and effective way to relieve the bothersome symptoms such as hot flashes and mood swings that every woman of age has to endure.

Treating menopause symptoms has never been easier than it is with MellowPause, with which taking advantage of the effective ingredients is a easy as drinking a glass of eater. The all natural ingredients is a feature in menopause products that more and more women want, and MellowPause delivers. This liquid remedy is what every woman who is suffering through menopause needs in order to get back in the swing of things and live life like she did before.

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  • MellowPause Review
    MellowPause offers a safe, all natural alternative to treating the symptoms that come with the hormo