Femestra Review



Femestra can be a true life saver for anyone during the time when your hormones all seem out of place. If one is working at a full time job and/or raising a family, menopause can become too much to handle with the constant hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, and lack of energy. A woman needs a remedy that will let her live life and feel like herself again.

There are various treatment options for menopause symptoms, which include Hormone Replacement Treatment (HRT). This form of treatment, however, comes with many potentially harmful side effects such as increased risk of heart disease and strokes as well as the increased possibility of breast cancer. Many doctors with patients who want a more natural alternative or are reluctant to take heavy medications suggest Femestra. This is an all natural supplement that enabled a woman to avoid going through harsh hormone treatment while still reliving her of the bothersome menopause symptoms. The main effective ingredient is Rice Bran Oil, which contains a type of plant estrogen commonly found in some fruit and soy beans and has been noted to cause a lower occurrence of associated menopause symptoms where these foods are often eaten such as in East Asian countries.

After taking Femestra for a few weeks, a woman will feel like herself again as someone who is not defined by the ailments of menopause. The recommended dosage for this supplement is two to four tablets each day with the precise number of needed tablets depending on the individual. Since the needed amount varies between each person, it is suggested that one seeks advice from a doctor or pharmacist as to how many tablets should be taken. Extreme sleepiness can be a side effect if too much is taken, but a normal sleep routine can be reinstated after decreasing the dose if necessary. Hormones levels become well in balance after taking the supplement on a regular basis as the natural ingredients work their magic. Hot flashes and night sweats become rare with no waking up with drenched clothing and mood swings are less severe and frequent, making it easier to connect with family and friends once again. Energy levels receive a boost, making it easier to get back into daily exercise routines and living a more active lifestyle. As a result of being more active, Femestra leaves room for the potential to lose pounds gained while victim to the constant fatigue caused by menopause.

Femestra is highly recommended to any woman suffering through the stages of menopause. The benefits of having several symptoms alleviated have can make any woman of age feel that nothing is weighing them down. Dealing with the minor sleepiness side effect is only a matter of finding the correct dosage and is far outweighed by the supplement’s benefits. For woman making their way through menopause is looking for an alternative to the harsh and expensive Hormone Replacement Treatments, Femestra provides a natural and safe option.

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