Black Cohosh Menopause Relief Review

Black Cohosh

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Black Cohosh Menopause Relief caplets are increasing in popularity, and many consumers are curious about the effects of this particular herb. There are all sorts of herbal products out there which have no basis in scientific fact, or even theory. One of the biggest problems with herbal supplements today is that so many studies exist concerning a particular herb, that research will produce conflicting information. Many consumers are curious about products which only claim to contain Black Cohosh, because even the presence of such one-ingredient supplements suggests that this ingredient should be taken seriously. As always, the best strategy is to speak with a doctor first, but even with sound medical advice, there's nothing wrong with a little personal research. Most consumers don't have access to a laboratory, but there are a few simple warning signs which indicate a lack of purity, or a product of a low grade. Such products are often overpriced, or sold to consumers on the basis of misleading or confusing information.

What Is Black Cohosh?

Black Cohosh is a plant native to North America which has been used for the last century in connection with several gynecological maladies. The herbal indication of Black Cohosh has since been reduced specifically to easing the effects of hot flashes in women undergoing menopause. Although the jury is still out on whether these effects are physical or psychological, most scientists who study herbal medicine place the connection between relief of these symptoms and products like Black Cohosh Menopause Relief with the activation of serotonin. So, even though the studies are divided on its exact usage and effects, the fact that this herb influences serotonin levels in women suffering from menopause is largely agreed upon, so there is certainly some connection between taking this herb and relieving the painful and irritating symptoms of menopause.

Is This A Quality Product?

The quality of this product depends largely on the the purity of individual capsules. With most products, the most important question to ask is whether or not a given pill contains the ratio of ingredients listed on the supplement facts. One benefit of Black Cohosh Menopause Relief, in particular, is the presence of one main ingredient, without the confusing introduction of a "proprietary blend" or conflicting information about the ingredients of this supplement in general. It's always easier to deal with supplements which specialize in one ingredient, since it is usually more efficient for the manufacturer to include the ingredient itself--than to dilute it with impurities. Often, proprietary blends and complicated mixtures create a larger opportunity for companies to "fudge" on the ingredients of a particular herbal supplement, like joint care products which contain glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, plus five or six herbal ingredients. The FDA is constantly pulling products from shelves because they simply don't contain the ingredients listed by the supplement facts label. The good news for this product is that this one ingredient is not difficult to work with, nor is it particularly expensive to manufacture. So, consumers know what they're getting, and there's every reason to believe that the influence of Black Cohosh on serotonin levels is genuine, and will have some real impact on the symptoms of menopause.

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