Amberen Review



Amberen is an all-natural hormone regulator designed for women suffering through menopausal symptoms. There are over 35 different associated symptoms that correspond with menopause including the most common: hot flashes, mood swings, weight gain and depression. Most women will experience many symptoms during their menopausal cycle. All of these symptoms are caused by one sole factor – the body’s inability to produce and regulate the hormones.

Amberen is an all-natural solution that uses only products approved and deemed safe by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Amberen is recommended to be used for 90 consecutive days as a way to stimulate hormone production and to reduce the effects of the aging process on the neuroendocrine control mechanism. Most women who take Amberen for menopause will experience results within 3 – 14 days, but the drug can be registered as ineffective if it is not continued through the recommended time frame.

Imagine having no symptoms during menopause and with each day that passes you are feeling better as your symptoms cease to exist. This is what Amberen can do for you. By using smart molecules and all natural ingredients, your body’s hormones become regulated and orderly once again. The best thing about these medical claims is that they are true. Backed by scientific evidence including clinical trials and controlled environments it has been proven that Amberen really does work to eliminate your body’s irregular hormone production. Even better, it can be used with most other drugs with no adverse reactions. Amberen may not cure all of your menopausal symptoms, but it certainly can improve them as it has for many women across the world.

Like all drugs there are side effects associated with Amberen and each person’s reaction will be different in nature. Headaches and itching have been touted as some of the minor reactions that women have had when taking Amberen. One key point to mention is that the recommendation of two pills may not work for all women and the dosage may need to be increased to four pills. This is completely safe, however, and only has to do with your particular menopausal situation. Because the ingredients are all natural, there is no chance of overdosing on the pills. It is recommended, however, that women take in calcium during menopause so taking calcium supplements with Amberen is perfectly safe.

Amberen is not recommended for women who have a history of cancer or a severe case of hypertension. Women who have suffered from either one of these diseases should speak with their doctors before beginning a course of Amberen because of potential complications. This warning is clearly posted on the company’s website.

One good point to make is that the company who manufactures Amberen – Lunada Biomedical – has a good rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This means that company is trustworthy and not out to simply make a dollar. If you find that no other treatments are working for you or that you want a natural solution to your menopause, order your free trial of Amberen today!

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