Menopause Symptoms – Loss of Memory

Menopause causes a myriad of symptoms, one of which is forgetfulness. Memory loss associated with menopause doesn’t affect long-term memory so much as it does short-term memory, or the ability to recall certain facts and figures quickly. Although memory loss due to menopause can be disconcerting, take comfort in the fact that the condition is temporary and there are steps you can take to minimize it effects in your daily life.

First, see your doctor. You need to make sure that your memory loss is only attributable to your menopause and not another underlying health condition. Your doctor will complete a physical examination and potentially suggest basic blood work to ensure that your internal organs are working properly. After giving you a clean bill of health, he or she may make some suggestions on how you can manage your menopause symptoms, including whether or not you are a candidate for hormone replacement therapy.

Next, balance your life. You need to ensure that you are eating a well balanced diet. Giving your body the nutrients it needs to function properly is the key to fighting off memory loss. Then make sure that you are getting adequate exercise and are coping with stress. Lack of sleep is another major contributor to memory loss in menopause sufferers. Both lack of exercise and too much stress can contribute to insomnia, another common symptom of menopause. Finally, if you are overweight or abuse stimulants such as caffeine or nicotine you need to take active steps to reverse these habits. Sleep apnea caused by being overweight and insomnia caused by the overuse of caffeine or nicotine will contribute to memory loss.

Many doctors suggest that you engage your brain in order to keep it sharp. Working crossword puzzles, traveling, and even taking adult classes at your local community college can help you keep your mind sharp. There are many video games on the market today designed just for this purpose.

Finally, determine whether alternative therapies can help you manage your symptoms. Adding soy to your diet can help you manage many of your symptoms without the side effects of synthetic or natural hormone replacement therapy. Black cohosh has also been shown to alleviate many symptoms of menopause and can help you combat memory loss.

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