Hot Flashes Helped By Exercise

Many people believe hot Flashes can be helped by exercise. Hot flashes can be the worst of the menopause symptoms. It causes us to loose sleep, which effects brain fog, loss of concentration, and fatigue. The good news is that research shows that exercise can alleviate hot flashes. Dr. Miriam Nelson, Ph.D, author of Strong Women Stay Young, has done extensive research at Tufts University on the benefits of weight training. Nelson compared two groups of healthy postmenopausal women who were sedentary at the start of the program. One group lifted weights for forty minutes twice a week; the other group remained sedentary. The sedentary control group lost about two percent of their bone density during the year, while the strength-training women gained one percent in bone density.
If weight training and typical types of exercise aren’t for you, Suza Francina in her book The New Yoga for People over 50 describes specific yoga postures to alleviate hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and depression. Check out weekly yoga lessons on the internet or there are tons of Yoga CD's to learn more about yoga and menopause.

On the other hand, there have been research studies that show that exercise doesn't help hot flashes. On Web MD, they cite studies showing that exercise didn't help with menopause hot flashes. Other information shows that some exercise, such as yoga, meditation, and walking does help. The main thing that these types of exercise do is to relieve stress and anxiety. To reduce stress and promote more restful sleep, exercise regularly, but not too close to bedtime. Meditation, yoga, qigong, tai chi, biofeedback, acupuncture, or massage also will lower your stress levels.

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