Mood Swings and Menopause

A sweet, low-keyed type suddenly turns aggressive and rude. The life of the party collapses in a shower of uncontrollable tears. An oft-viewed old picture brings waves of sentimental feelings so intense the poor gal thinks her heart will burst. Are these women losing their minds? No, they’re experiencing the kind of mood swings common with menopause. These swings may produce apprehension of joining friends for social visits, confusion and fear, and extreme frustration because they can come on without notice and be entirely overwhelming. Is there a way to offset the effects of mood swings during menopause so women can maintain a healthy, active, and social life?

For decades, the standard treatment has been to use prescription drugs to alleviate these physically based symptoms that have severe emotional consequences. But today, more women are opting for healthier alternatives, including joining a support group to talk to one another about their altered lives and their changing feelings.

In addition more are finding relief in natural, safe herbal remedies that do not risk harm to the body the way hormone therapy and drug therapy may. Choosing natural vitamins and supplements that restore to the body important nutrients and chemicals lost during menopause is very helpful. Foods rich in potassium are proven to help, and changing one’s diet to include more items like bananas, dried figs and apricots will yield positive results. Adding dark, leafy vegetables, whole grains, the right kinds of fatty acids, and healthy oil to the diet will also build the body’s natural supply of chemicals that give an overall sense of health and well-being. Plus, they are packed with other ingredients that will produce better long-term health.

The cutting edge of relief from mood swings is no longer found in a prescription bottle. It is found in the kinds of natural therapies women used for the many centuries that preceded the pharmaceutical revolution. Returning to those natural remedies is restoring the joy of life to legion of women every day.

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