Loss of Libido in Menopause

Is Your Loss of Libido a Sign of Menopause

One of the most discouraging aspects of menopause for many women is the loss of libido, or sex drive. The chemical changes in their body reduce the natural hormones that spur the sex drive and may even lead to vaginal dryness which may leave them dispirited, feeling they have lost their allure or that sex will never be enjoyable again. Meanwhile, their partners may be feeling dejected and frustrated. But it is not all bad news. Today, myths about menopausal and post-menopausal sex are being shattered, as women on the other side of the change of life are experiencing rich, fulfilling, even intense love making.

First, during and after a women reaches menopause, she and her partner may come to understand the deeper need for companionship and intimacy. Men, in particular, can learn a thing or two here from the menopausal women in their lives, who expresses their need for more non-sexual touching, and a slower, more patient approach to the act of sex. Men will learn that for women, close intimacy is very arousing, and patience may actually lead to a more holistic, fulfilling sex life than was previously enjoyed.

Secondly, after menopause women are no longer concerned with becoming pregnant, which, for many, was a hindrance to liberated sex before. This may signal positive changes for partners’ sex life together.

Finally, today many natural remedies– the kind women have known about and used for centuries – are making a comeback, while new ones are being discovered, that naturally increase libido, restoring a healthy sex drive. These all-natural therapies are giving woman hope that the change of life does not mean the end of their sex life, but is just part of the journey, and that a fulfilling sex life can continue, and may even improve.

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